The first feature of your face that gives away your age are the eyes. Owing to the thin protective barrier, the region around the eyes are most vulnerable to damage. This leads to the formation of wrinkles, dark circles, eye bags, making your face look dull and aged. Hence taking care of the dermal region around the eyes, is most important for a healthy facial appearance.

Overlea Eye Serum is an under-eye complex which may include active ingredients, to support under-eye skin health. When applied as directed to the orbital lobes daily in conjunction with proper hydration and optimal water intake, the serum may help reduce under-eye damage.

  • May Help Improve Hydartion and May Help Deliver Dermal Nourishment.
  • May Help Reduce Dark Circles and May Help Even Tone & Texture.
  • May Help Restore Elasticity and May Help Reduce Under - Eye Damage.